"Well-being is present when a person realises their potential, is resilient in dealing with the normal stresses of life, takes care of their physical well-being and has a sense of purpose, connection and belonging to a wider community. It is a fluid way of being and needs nurturing throughout life."
Department of Education & Skills, 2018.

Journaling is an easy, in-expensive and accessible habit for all, scientific research has proven time again that the act of journaling reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression by up to 40%, it aides in the development of mindfulness and well-being, it increases emotional intelligence and it stimulates cognitive development.

The question should not be Why journal?.... it should be Why are we not already?

We have designed The Playbook Journal to align and follow on from the Junior Certificate key skills requirements, providing your students with content, activities and space to explore their own well-being, mental health and self development.

Also providing your teachers, a resource with a wealth of opportunity for group discussion, creative writing, introspective activities, mindfulness and well-being



The Playbook Journal for Junior Certificate

We have deliberately aligned The Playbook Journal with the Junior Certificate Key Skills requirements 3 year cycle.  We have included activities and content to cover the key areas of:

'Staying Well', 'Managing Information & Thinking', 'Being Creative', 'Working with Others', 'Communicating' and 'Managing Myself'.

Please contact us for a free E-PDF detailing the corresponding activities to each key skill.


The Playbook Journal for Transition Year

The Playbook Journal continues development from a strong Junior certificate well-being framework, encouraging self development, wellness and building positive mental health habit throughout the Transition year program.
The Playbook Journal will work a with the GAISCE program by covering GAISCE key challenge areas such as 'Community Involvement' , Personal Skill' and 'Physical Recreation'.
We have ensured that the content is aligned with GAISCE core values such as:
'Empowerment' , 'Inclusion & Equality', 'Respect' and 'Excellence'.
We work with Post-Primary schools by offering The Playbook Journal at a significantly reduced price per unit for quantity orders and we offer free delivery to your school.
Please contact us for further information :
or call us on 0876174055.