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Why Journal?

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About Us

Give your teenager the tools to talk...

The Playbook Journal is designed to provide your teenager with the tools to calm the chaos and take control of their day to day well-being and mental health, building emotional resilience, positive habits, goal planning and providing opportunities for them to explore different perspectives.

We dont talk about stress, depression or anxiety... why? because you bring about what you think about! Instead we take a positive stance and encourage your teens to create positive habits, set and acheieve goals and develop a can do and inclusive attitude towards life.

Why Playbook??? every good coach uses a playbook, a book of strategies they use throughout the game - sometimes in life you will be the only coach you have and them plays will be the things get that you through. 

Designed with Science in mind...

“ I had the opportunity to use this journal with my students, I was impressed with the volume of content. The built in activities & weekly pages addressed so many areas of ,mental health & well being, the students were engaged, openly discussing the topics and enjoying it. A great resource! Highly recommended.”

Mr Nicholas, Second Level teacher.

“My son used to disappear to his room 24/7,  he now has a regular exercise routine, a proper sleep pattern and he initiates chats with me… all of his own accord.  He’s just a more confident happier person.”

Marie O, (Mother to a 15 yr old)

It's hard to get my daughter away from her phone, I'm delighted to see her spend time in the evenings with something other than her phone in her hand, she writes in this journal most nights.

Nicky P, (Father to 14yr old.)