About US

 I’m Victoria,
I am a Psychology graduate, a qualified life & personal coach, a Junior Achievers Ireland volunteer, ASSIST suicide trained, I work full time as an emergency control operator for the Fire service…and I'm a mother.
The Playbook Journal was created to provide mental   health management tools for our young people, tools they can form habits with that will aid them now and throughout life. Taking care of our mental health is a lifelong endeavor.
We urge people to ‘talk to someone’ when they feel distress with their mental health, but do they know how?
How do you verbalise the chaos in your head when you’ve never done it before?
When you don’t understand what the chaos means how can you put it into coherent words to someone else? 
Journaling is like whispering to yourself, it provides an immediate release in times of chaos, it’s an outlet to help you make sense of your thoughts in a safe place, and it provides you the opportunity to know yourself.
Psychological research studies have proven that journaling can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety by up to 40%.
Every therapist, counselor and mental health professional advocates for the benefits of journaling in aiding with the management of mental health issues, in fact it's one of the first things they will ask your teenager to do at a primary care appointment.
The Playbook Journal aims to create positive mental health habits within our young people by introducing them to journaling. We have all encountered tragedies involving our young people, where their mental chaos becomes too much for them. How many times have we heard “someone should do something…”
We are all that someone, journaling is something simple and inexpensive that we can give to our young people ourselves.
Be someone who decided to do something, it takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a community to keep one safe.